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Destiny Eggen

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Occupational Therapy Assistant

School and Graduation information – I went to Northland Community and Technical College and graduated from the program in December 2021 with my Associate of Applied Science in Occupation Therapy Assistant. In February of 2022, I completed the National Board Exam for Occupational Therapy.  

Work history – I started my career in Ada, MN working at Essentia Health where I got to work with patients ages 1  to 90 years old. I absolutely loved the vast population of patients I worked with. I then realized that I have a passion for the pediatric population. I have been working with children for 5+ years as I have worked in two different childcare centers and have absolutely loved every second of it!  

Passions – I have a passion for working with people to help them be able to complete the daily life skills needed to succeed in life and be able to live their very best life! I love that occupational therapy focuses on the whole patient and their life rather than one specific area! 

Family information – My mom works as the Parks and Recreation Director in Ada, MN and my dad is a farmer. I only have one sibling, my 13-year-old brother Payton. I actually grew up with almost all of my immediate relatives in the Ada, MN area so I was blessed to have a super close family! We are definitely a little loud and crazy, but I wouldn’t change that for the world! My grandma is the reason that I wanted to pursue a career in occupational therapy.  

Fav hobbies? I love to be at the farm with my cows, hang out with friends and family, read, watch movies, go shopping, clean and organize (weird, I know), as well as go to the lake to relax in the sun.